We’re incredibly proud to introduce you to our brand new bath and body range: Greenscape Organic. Our newest skin care brand offers high-end, luxury skin care with the official Soil Association COSMOS-standard organic certification. We’ve used a perfected blend of natural ingredients to bring you our own unique, organic formulations. You’ll see that the COSMOS Organic and Soil Association logos are proudly placed on each bottle. This means that Greenscape Organic meets the strict guidelines stipulated by COSMOS.

[box title=””]What is COSMOS Organic Certification?

COSMOS was formed by the Soil Association. It is an independent Cosmetics Organic Standard (known as COSMOS-standard) to help harmonise organic standards globally.

This provides a transparent and honest declaration of natural ingredients, allowing environmentally and organically conscious consumers to make informed decisions with ease.


The Somerset Toiletry Company’s Greenscape Organic collection has been thoroughly inspected and verified to ensure that the range complies with the COSMOS organic standard.

The Soil Association and COSMOS symbols on these bottles mean that:

◊   The Somerset Toiletry Company’s manufacturing facility, ingredients and production methods are inspected annually ◊   All product formulae and labels have been approved ◊   Any non-organic ingredients are being used because no organic equivalents were available ◊   Any processed ingredients are processed by ecologically sound means

Click here to find out more about COSMOS and the Soil Association.

[box title=””]Why is Organic Certification Important?

Certification enables people to shop with confidence when they are buying organic. Seeing this logo on products means that all organic claims have been independently verified.



Body Lotion Greenscape Organic Body Lotion melts away to reveal instantly smoother skin. The best moisturiser for the environmentally and organically conscious.

Bath & Shower Gel The luxurious formulation of Greenscape Organic Bath and Shower Gel removes impurities and provides long-lasting hydration.

Hand Wash Greenscape Organic offers an organic hand wash that cares for your skin as it washes. A luxurious natural liquid soap.

Hand Cream An organic hand cream enriched with our perfected blend of natural ingredients including essential oils, shea butter and cocoa butter.

Exfoliating Body Scrub Clean away excess oil and dirt to reveal radiant skin. Made with organic ground shea nut as a natural exfoliator and essential oils to nourish the skin.


Grapefruit & Lime Naturally strengthening and invigorating essential oils are brought together in our Grapefruit & Lime fragrance to provide an uplifting scent. Containing olive oil, grapefruit, lime, sweet orange and frankincense essential oils.

Mint & Bergamot  Infused with brightening and restorative essential oils. Mint & Bergamot combines spearmint, bergamot, ylang ylang, tea tree and lemon essential oils and argan oil for an invigorating aroma.

Rose & Geranium Infused with naturally refining and uplifting essential oils, Rose & Geranium has a beautiful delicate fragrance. Containing rosehip oil and rose geranium, clary sage, petitgrain, black pepper and fennel essential oils.

Lavender Wood Lavender and cedarwood are brought together in Lavender Wood for ultimate relaxation. Infused with purifying and rejuvenating lavender oil and lavender, cedarwood and benzoin essential oils.

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