With the revelation that a poor sleep pattern can ‘dramatically’ alter the body, snoozing soundly is about more than just getting your beauty sleep. Here at The Somerset Toiletry Company we know that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for many reasons – stress, skincare and productivity to name a few. For these reasons we’ve put together a few suggestions to help you slumber.
Lavender - Sleeping Well: Tips To Help You Sleep
Lavender – Sleeping Well: Tips To Help You Sleep
Lavender is one of the most common scents used to soothe sleepy heads. It’s an age-old treatment that has sent many insomniacs off to the land of nod. It’s not just that lavender has got that gorgeously relaxing aroma, a study done by the University of Southampton in the UK revealed that people ranked their sleep 20{223cede330a49f753519300dbb1878337bff3e14738530172c7b296b5679b04c} better when sleeping in a lavender-infused room. However, perhaps you’re not a fan of the fragrance, or maybe you simply want to revive your routine with a new scent. If so, you might be interested to hear of a bouquet of other beautiful fragrances that you can use to lull you off to sleep.
Jasmine - Sleeping Well: Tips To Help You Sleep
Jasmine – Sleeping Well: Tips To Help You Sleep
Jasmine has many beneficial properties, and when used in herbal tea it has been known to strengthen the immune system while lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. The jasmine flower releases its scent after the sun goes down and it’s believed that the fresh, spring aroma can help steady your sleeping pattern.
Rose - Sleeping Well: Tips To Help You Sleep
Rose – Sleeping Well: Tips To Help You Sleep
If you’re after a delicate, floral perfume then rose is the fragrance for you. As well as having a relaxing aroma to help you sleep, it’s full of moisturizing antioxidants to help tone your skin and keep you smooth and sleepy. If you’re after a fragrant tone with a bit more body to it, patchouli has a rich, earthy smell that is sure to sooth your senses. The peaceful essence of this flower will keep you grounded and lull you into a peaceful night’s sleep. So whether you want to bathe in some bubbles, massage some moisturizer or scrub your senses, there’s sure to be a fragrance for you. Sleep tight everyone!
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