Who was St Valentine?

  Valentine’s Day history is shrouded with mystery. One of the theories involves a Roman emperor who banned marriage as he believed it had a negative effect on his soldiers. A priest named Valentine found this unfair, so began to carry out marriages in secret. When the emperor found out, Valentine was jailed and sentenced to death. Before his death (on the 14th February) he’d fallen in love with the jailer’s daughter and left her a message “from your Valentine”.  

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

  Valentine’s day is thought to have descended from an old Roman festival called Lupercalia, celebrating the start of spring. Traditions evolved over time to include the celebration of St Valentine. Valentine’s day is now used to express love towards significant others on February the 14th in many places around the world.  

Giving Flowers for Valentine’s

  Roses are often given on Valentine’s Day as have been used a symbol of secret love since ancient Greece. The Latin expression ‘sub rosa’ actually means something told in secret. It’s worth noting that the colours of roses are associated with various meanings such as; red roses signify passion, yellow for friendship, pink for appreciation, orange for desire and purple for enchantment.   [box title=”Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts“] If your Valentine enjoys fragranced body care, here’s our top suggestions of gifts from the Somerset Toiletry Company, all for under $20:  
  1. Heart Shaped Luxury Soap – Rose Petal
  2. Naturally European Hand & Foot Collection – Rose Petal
  3. Floral Bouquet Luxury Soap – Red Rose
  4. AAA Bath & Body Collection – Rose Petal
  5. Tropical Fruits Body Scrub – Strawberry & Papaya
  6. Naturally European Natural Candle – Rose Petal
  7. Naturally European Rollerball Perfume – Exotic Pomelo
  8. Naturally European Lip Balm – Pomegranate
  For more ideas explore our entire Valentine collection. [/box]     Heart Soap In Tin Rose Petal Love IsNaturally European Hand and Foot Collection - Rose PetalFloral Bouquet Triple Milled Soaps In Tins - Red Rose   Aromas Artesanales de Antigua AAA Floral Bath & Body Collection - Rose PetalTropical Fruits Sugar Scrub - Strawberry & Papaya Naturally European Luxury Scented Candle Rose Petal                                 Naturally European Perfume Rollerball - Exotic Pomelo Naturally European Lip Balm Pomegranate                
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Valentine’s Gifts for Him
  Don’t forget the man in your life. Often men can be difficult to buy for, so why not try a little luxury this year with a touch of humour. Our gifts for men include include luxury triple milled MR Beard Soaps and Retro Soaps, however we are soon to be expanding this range (so watch this space)!   Homemade Valentine’s Gifts   Typically, romantic gifts today include fine dining with flowers, jewellery or perfume, which can be expensive. However, if you’re on a budget we believe a little effort goes a long way and it’s true what they say, it’s the thought that counts! A token gift with a homemade card and some heartfelt words should melt any heart. Alternatively, offer your partner some well-deserved pampering with a candlelit bubble bath. Whilst they relax, prepare a home-cooked meal and enjoy with some romantic music. What more could anyone ask for?   We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day, however if you’re still yet to meet that someone special purely treat yourself this year!  
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